Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thank you for the views!

Since this is “Chronicles of a Writer” I’ll be honest with you in this blog’s pageviews: 588. Now I have no expectations of that in becoming utterly higherthat once dreamed. But mind you, indie authors really care about that during the first months, eve years sometimes. It’s normal. It happened to me and sometimes I’m still longing for that overwhelming pageviews. But I think I’m in this show long enough to not to care about such petty things (No, not British).

Sure, I’m happy someone is able to find this little public diary that really is against my beliefs in sharing myself to people who might not care, but hey, I’m not promoting this site, so I didn’t plunge the information of this blog in their throats—all people who’d come here came in their own freewill (which I promote greatly).

588 pageviews. That’s a lot, at least for this indie prawn—gives me confidence at times how matter small that number is compared to the big guys. It’s not an Amanda Hocking number or Hugh Howey’s number, but that, my friend, is my number. And you know I’m proud of it when you read this.

Being a blogger should be 0.000009% of being an indie author, most of the times they/we should be writing great stories because it’s the only way to gain traction in every online retail bookstore. Writers should remember that, that’s why we are called writers in the first place. One shouldn’t be scowling about low pageviews, one should be scowling about the sales—no, not the sales yet, traction would exist if the book is there for quite some time (that is if the writer isn’t paying for ads)—one should be scowling in stories undone, stories that should be in the readers hands.       

So yeah, I still care for the pageviews but only a part of me, just a few cells floating around my body. But I’m still thankful for that number. I’m not a hopeless dreamer, I’m just a realist. The times my books have been downloaded are still few, well not that few but few. Of course there are more free books I’ve given away than the actual brought books, and free would always remain stagnant in kindles and the ereader, they wouldn’t be reading those for months—the chances are very low, and this passive marketing is very slow and the fantasy genre is a hard sell if people don’t know you or if there’s no hint of romance in your books—admit it, we’re in the trend right now, Teen Girl + Teen Boy = Romance… Romance + adventure + fantasy = sales. There should be a subtle sexual tension in there too to complete the YA urban fantasy experience. Romance I have, but just a tad, nothing too complicated, at least in book one.

These pageviews I have, like I said, have been without promotion in other sites. I’m not checking other blogs yet so that means I’m not commenting on any blog related to mine. I know what you’re thinking, It’s stupid. I’m in my stupid stages in being an indie, it’ll pass (time of approximation: unknown).   

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