Wednesday, January 28, 2015

California Dreamin' and Free "The Divine Wheel"

I’m now living in San Francisco, and by that I have to lessen my writing every day, actually, I’m lucky to write a thousand words per day. God, there is so much to do here, I mean, I’m a nurse in my home country but I need to take a few exams before I can take the exam that would approve me of license in California. My head aches just thinking of it, seriously…  
I have to take Toefl, if you don’t know that it’s an English proficiency exam. I have already taken it but I failed in speaking, not really failed but I haven’t met the requirement grade to pass it in the state I’m applying at, which is 26. And do you know what my score was? 18. Bleeping 18. I stuttered a lot in the exam and wasn’t prepared, I became lax in practicing. To be honest I haven’t practiced at all, like nothing. But now I’m practicing very very hard with the speaking section, and preparing for the retake exam this February. Pray that I pass, I’m begging you. Anyway I passed the reading, listening and writing sections with flying colors.
So that’s why I don’t write that much, not until I passed my exams. If I passed them and have a nursing job in the city then I’ll be writing like a freak again. I’d be publishing a book every month.
And my sales froze, as in they are dead now. So I’m going to make my very first installment in my Trinity Nexus Series free. Yeah, that’s right, my labor of love I’d be registering for free. Can you believe that? I reckon than if I got a nursing job then it would surpass my monthly allowance from indie publishing easily (not unless if I write erotica, if you know what I mean).  
I’ve been working on a few titles, one of them entitled “Sandmen” and the other is the continuation of The Gamer.

That’s all for now.

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