Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Grandest Book Cover Reveal!

Whoever you are, this is my book cover (Cue choirs singing hallelujah).

 Isn’t it grand, and all the adjectives synonymous to great? LOL, kidding aside, I made this because just so you know I’m an artist before I was a writer. Like I said from the post preceeding this, I once wrote storyline of my anime series in my head—that means I need to have actual drawings of my characters.
The cover is not the only picture in the book, every chapter has one (Chapter art, not a particular scene in the book). This actually a scene in a war where my protagonist—bleep—the landscape with—bleep—and the raw power of—bleep. It’s a mixture of water color and color pencil, but the background I did using PS5 because I was too lazy to draw the damn thing by hand.
If you’re going indie writer, I suggest don’t do your cover by yourself. I did myself because I practically sneered my eyes with all beautiful covers that uses font effectively for a week (don’t use 2 fonts—a sin in doing a cover); and it also hard to translate what is inside the book to an artwork, it’s so hard it’s criminal. You have to have many trial and errors, and most of all, trust your gut or any guts who knows a good cover when they see one.
The heck, I have no idea if my cover is actually grand and all synonymous to great, I just trusted my gut that it’s ready and just toss the dice and hope it’ll be seven.
Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers and toes it’ll lure readers when I publish it on Amazon this Sunday.
Thanks for reading whoever you are. Till the next post.   

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