Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Funny Inapropriate Thoughts

The only reason why I’m writing this is because my printer broke down on me and I am about to buy one. I was trying to repair it since morning, and so in the afternoon, I finally gave up. Hate it. I should be editing a short by now, but no, this had to happen.
Anyway my inexistent reader (that’s a paradox right there if you’re reading this right now), I have a very little reasons to blog, that’s why I’m not fond of updating now and then. And these posts are unedited, raw, so it’s a little bit weird, I know, when I’m reading them last year.
What happened to me since November?
Not much, still a struggling writer, still reading success books that make me feel less hopeless now and then (they’re a good read, really good read. Any books by Malcolm Gladwell and Robert Greene). I’ve finished a couple of manuscripts, averaging about 70K words. But sorry, my non-existent reader (yet), I’m a slowmo at editing. Still have not enough profit for an editor, a lovely, dedicated editor that is your friend.
Ever writer wants that, a good editor. My dream editor would be a smart librarian/stripper girl (if I ever commit to a girlfriend in the future, I hope she won’t see this), and I would woo that witty girl. Okay, I’m going out of line here. See? See this? When I’m at the keyboard in the middle of the night, my words flow like hell and it basically translated to thoughts. Wait, that sentence’s weird. I’ll simplify it. These, these things I’m typing now, are my thoughts. This could be very dangerous and I might have lost you in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph.
That’s terrible, I’ve lost my non-existent reader. Pathetic.
The Bounds is out. I don’t know if I mentioned it in my other posts, but there, I still said it. Like I said earlier, I’m working with a short scifi, the book three of my series, a continuation of the short Synthetics, another urban fantasy book, another book of my second series… God, I’ve just realized this… that’s so efffing many…    

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