Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Breakdown

Just watched Catching Fire and I thought it has stayed true to the book, none of that Percy Jackson Blasphemy. But to be honest, I didn’t enjoy the movie today, not that it’s a bad movie, it’s because I got a scathing review of the synthetics that is most of all, true.  

Hate to say this but the editing I did was skimming through it and that’s why there’s no, in any way, excuse. I edited and the latest edition is already publishing. I haven’t eaten yet because of that, I guess it’s a small obsession of mine (to have that glowing five star review. What kind of writer doesn’t want that?). I just hope when I have enough money or my mom won the lottery (and if she shares the wealth) that I would pay a professional to proofread all of my works.

Of course “my works” at the current moment doesn’t mean a thing. Still have no any kind of success to backup the things I’m saying in this blog. But the thing is, and the one I’ve been asking myself for the past weeks: ‘Should I care?’

The right answer for me is a no. I believe that one should always walk and nothing more, let the walk do the talking for you. These things that I’m having right now could be something synonymous to a breakdown due to that review, but it’s a lesser breakdown because I’m in no way intoxicated when I’m writing this. The closest to that is that I have very little sleep for the past two days, meaning my mind is all over the place. But I’m considering this as me growing a thicker hide. Yes, the hide of a self-pub writer with very less support system; meaning none of my friends write or anything that deals with literature; an indie that gets more bad things than the good. No rewards here people!  

Of course, this isn’t my first brawl with a bad review. I got a book back then which I got the same feeling. I know that you can’t please anybody and the world certainly isn’t a nice place (No it’s nice too, sometimes it’s just bad—just bad.)

I love Hemingway’s relationship to his critics, and also the quote: “Critics are men who watch a battle from a high place then come down and shoot the survivors.” A true critic for me is sharing the positive and a negative. Every single thing in this world has equal negative and positive things.

Oh, and yes, I know this post has the possibility to bite me in the ass someday. Ready your teeth, I shall have a thick bum that would eventually destroy them.       

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