Saturday, November 2, 2013


I’m now tackling novellas and less of my Trinity Nexus series. My brain needs to stretch out and put other works out there other than Fantasy, if not then I’ll be obsolete (well, that’s my own opinion.) Also, I’m tired of advertising, seems not doing good with my writing. My guess is the best advertising is the books itself; write a good, short, enjoyable book, and pray it’ll get recommended by the reader to other possible readers. The only trick here is how to create a compelling story that wouldn’t give the reader a headache with the word count. Like I said, short and sweet.

That’s why I’m doing some novellas at the moment.

Already have one, a pre-dystopian story I’ll be having mid November or early December. It’ll be called “Synthetics.” The whole story is at the title, it’s my take with the DNA reprogramming that is actually happening today. I watched a TV program at NatGeo called “Synthetic Life” years back and it made me smile the whole time I’m watching it.

Can you imagine? We can now program DNA and put it into a cell to become a whole different organism. That scary and wonderful at the same time.   

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