Sunday, November 17, 2013

Goodreads revival

After a year of my goodreads account being stagnant, I’m finally able to navigate through it. Cheers for my stupidity!

I’m pretty much you and I know some stuff about computer some people don’t, but when I first look at goodreads, it intimidated me (just like HTML at first.) But not today, baby. It’s pretty much no readers around my peers, or there are, they just not as a reader now than the past year (yes, year.)

I feel inclined to tell it even though I still have no followers in this page. LOL. Maybe I need to be less than sporadic in posting in this site.

And yea, forgot to tell… Synthetics is up, it’s just 10k words and I hit the free promotion just now (don’t download it yet.) Not sure’ it’ll be a serial though.

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