Monday, November 18, 2013

Dark Procrastinated World

Today I’m not going to write. But I’m going to edit. Because if I stop in any kind of thing relating to any ‘book-work’ then I’m afraid I’ll be the lazy-man tomorrow. Writers, for me, have no right for rest days or vacation—that’s just me. But of course there are times we need to rest, but that won’t do anything good. The best way is to hypnotize yourself that what you’re doing is really fun, constant fun, that your work desk is wonderland.

If I stop then the TV will suck me right in its dark, dark, procrastinated world. Not good. Not good. And then there’s Nintendo—I just discovered HeartGold pokemon recently and I love it. I’m trying my best to stay away from playing, that by doing writing, editing and reading, that seems t work.

Synthetics is doing pretty good by the way, because it’s still free. I’m really surprised because it’s a short and those on the top lists have starts and reviews and all, (yes, it’s on some top category, but it’s not that a bigger deal because it’s in free category.) It’s the only one without a review. Pretty odd, right?

Digital (nonsensical, doesn’t-mean-a-thing---[hopefully]yet) cheers for me, baby! 

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