Sunday, October 27, 2013

Status: Trinity Nexus 2 "Solace of Truths" Publishing

Today I published the second (massive) book in the Trinity Nexus series.

Well, not a bestselling author yet but we have to dream with eyes open and do and do and do, If not then we just live and then die right?.I learned a lot in the past months, advertising and getting attention are the most of them (maybe one time I’ll share them with you!).

The past weeks are honestly grueling. I have to fight myself to finish all the chapter artworks in the book two. Other than that I have to compile them in a good Kindle-format and check if there are errors time and time again. I would’ve thrown myself out of a building if not for this sliver of a moment that is telling me that it’s on the process of publishing. That moment is now. And even though I know that only a few strangers would read it, all I need is them strangers. Like in the past, I never did inform any of my friends. They know that there is a book but the date of publication is a mystery to them. For me its better be judged by strangers than friends and family members in this kind of business.

Self publishing, now with three years experience on it, is harder than it looks. I’m trying to reach a New York agent but there’s still no luck. None of them given me a reply, or it’s just I’m destined to wait and any moment now their rejection or acceptance letter would be digitally delivered in my email. Well, I think my query is down under their slush pile of other hopefuls, I don’t know, it’s already been a month and two weeks I think.

Anyway, this is the official post of mine ending my second hibernation. Don’t know what I’ll do yet (edit the Trinity Legends’ The Bounds, move to the part 2 of book three of Trinity Nexus or write during NanoMo,) but I’ll be writing, that’s for sure. Just have to toss some dice so I could decide.
Whoever you are reading this, thanks, and have a great day wherever you are.   

(I’d post a link to book two but it’s still publishing, :D)     

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