Friday, June 28, 2013

"The Bounds" and a possible 2nd Hibernation

Remember the companion book/novella I’ve been working? Well it’s a whole novel now, something I really didn’t expect and didn’t want to happen. Its already has 30K words and counting, my main goal was 10K or 20K max but the characters won’t let me push them to the fast track, they have their own mind and own system that I’m very much afraid of. I call it “the Ghost sentience,” where the writer would be in a zone and his/her characters finally attained temporary consciousness and the author only becomes a witness to what is happening in his mind. Yes, that’s why it’s scary for me.

Do you imagine if I write a character who is praying to his creator? Like… me? That… well... never mind.

Also, the title would be changed from “The heavenly bounds” to “The bounds.” It sounds cooler for me, and simpler.

And right, the hibernation thing. I have this process of writing that I would cut myself from the internet completely for months so I could finish some of my titles. And there might be a second hibernation for me. It would mean days of complete writing in a trance with one meal a day and overdose of energy drinks. I work faster like that, and I also have to draw and do the final editing of the book 2 of Trinity Nexus.

If ever I did a second hibernation I think I would come back when I already published the book 2. Well, let’s hope that would be soon, eh?   

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