Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last day before the #giveaway, and an update for Book 2

So book 2, well, I still haven’t going through it. Only one editing more and some chapter artworks and the cover then I’m done. I’m working on the book companion for The Last Disceptarix, it has 2k words per chapter. Yes, I limit it to that so it isn’t that too intimidating for the readers. There are also changes in its genre because I think it’s more for adults, although it’s still juvenile, there are few swear words in it… okay many.

Maybe I’ll be posting the chapter artworks in the book two here and also the cover reveal, but first I have to finish the companion novella of book one. I can’t say I’m not excited in publishing it. Hell, if I could do it now it’s already published, but it’s incomplete and there are still no soul who cares about book one. Let’s just hope the free promotion resuscitates the sales because I really want to hear what people think about it. The first publication was a load of sh*t, and I regret I published it when it’s far from being ready. So I hope now that it has been prepared well enough (I hope so) that it would have a lot of good reviews.

The story of book two… well, I won’t say but it has a lot to do with the last page of the last book and who really is Ms. Brooks.    

I think I would end it with that. Wish me luck in my free promotion!!

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