Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Most Dangerous Thing...

Is not love (“love conquers all” don’t fit it) or anything physical because admit it, all physical things end. Nukes shall be detonated sometime, maybe a hundred thousand years from now, but ‘sometime’ is actually definite and just waiting round the corner. Let’s talk about those that couldn’t be grasped by our hands and only our minds.

“The most dangerous thing.” What is it then? Well this is only me and it would vary in every one of us. The most dangerous thing for me is hope. Yep, you read right.  

There are two mainstream media I know that has shown this. One is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series (It was said there that the most powerful thing in the whole universe is hope) and the second is Dark Knight Rises (It was when Bruce is in the “big hole” on the earth, and there’s this rope that one could always climb at but would utterly fail in every try—hope is a torture device in the movie.) Hope simply brings people up even in the times of gloom. It could give life back at the person or it could do the opposite. I’m not saying hope is a bad thing, I’m just saying that just like everything else it has two sides to it. And hope in the first place is inescapable; it would be there when we didn’t achieve what we wanted. It can make us stupid if we latch to it all the time, it would depress us 70% if means haven’t met with ends.

The concept that derives its meaning is really like a drug—face it, we couldn’t live without hope (hoping for a better tomorrow etc etc) and hope in safe amounts would lead to great effects, but if given in high dosage, now that’s the time danger will start. And when the thing one is hoping didn’t come, over and over again, rinse and repeat, then this would enter hopelessness, the chaotic withdrawal from anything pleasant. It would be the time where the darks and the shades would creep in and you just don’t care. The world will be all rain and no shine.

Of course, I think there’s a stratagem to beat this withdrawal of hope, it wouldn’t be and inspirational kind but more of direct and conquer type.

If one is hoping for something, stop. Instead of hoping, one should do and only do. Keep hope as only a guide and then forget about it and just keep accomplishing what you appoint yourself to achieve. Hoping on something could only lead us to procrastination and feeling sorry for ourselves, that is if what we’re hoping didn’t come.

That is what I’ll be doing. As a writer I won’t hope much, I’ll just do. Doing proves more in results, and it wouldn’t betray you because you wouldn’t be found wanting by your own self.         

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