Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm Britta in Community...

I just found out that I’m the male version of Britta in Community…

If you haven’t watched community yet I suggest don’t read this because you won’t understand. Okay now go.

For those who watch the show, I am, I think I’m the male version of Britta. At first I thought I’m Abed due to my knowledge about movies and other nonsensical stuffs, but no. I’m too cynical—yes, I’m a very very cynical person it’s criminal. I think I need some psychological help now.

I easily get irritated with 1st world problems (see what I mean, completely Britta): Oh, I don’t have the latest gadget, I’m not having enough money, I don’t have a car, there’s a cockroach, I still don’t have the 100$ food for my dog, I’m wearing the same tank-top last week. 

All of this infuriates me that’s why I don’t watch E! only CNN, BBC and Bloomberg and Newsroom.

Now compare that to the 3rd world problems. For those people living in those countries, these are not even a problem, it’s simply the value of excess. I’m not generalizing here, I know by heart that it all depends in the individual if he would be whining about the newest iPad. It’s just frustrating to see that some of those living in first world countries only know that their world exists (I know they know others exist, I just reckon they forget about them.)

Anyway, it is confirmed… I’m Britto (That sounds horrible…)

Here’s a skit on SNL that summarizes this:  

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