Monday, June 10, 2013

Going Viral!!

—Is always a dream. Who don’t want to be viral, no let me rephrase that, what author doesn’t want his book/story to become a viral phenomenon? I guarantee you there are some authors who are like that but meeting them I haven’t yet. Let’s go back in being viral; we’ve seen it happen in countless down to earth authors, and it was all magic as their dreams unfold and their written works are being cared by a myriad of readers.  

I want that. Remember why writers write.

And so what will I do if that happens to me? The answer is anonymity. Yes. There’s this occurring idea that nagging my head for quite a while, and it’s being an unknown where no reader actually know your face. They only know you in your words and pure ideas that baffled and are still baffling their minds. I’m trying that, but I’m at the phase that not a single soul actually cares on what you have written. Indeed. You can say my family supports me but that’s it.

But what if someday in the stretches of time when I’m still at my twenties that my book went viral? Anonymity, check. Readers, check. Movie deal, check. And there’s many more that could happen. (Hey, we can dream, right? Then dream the biggest and be sure to get hurt in the process of achieving said dream.)

What I really want is to write again. There are chances that being viral would send you in an endless stream of emails and the other stuffs that would take you away from your isolated seat and keyboard. I don’t want that. Sure it would be an ego resuscitation for me but there are patterns writers do in their day that could produce them words for their stories, it’s almost a ritual and if one tips that ritual with ever so slight of an inch then the writing habit would be (destroyed? annihilated?)… out of sync. I want to write good compelling books that have less romance but the romance really could make the reader cry, of have care on what would happen to the characters. I want to write books that can last a generation, that can lead close-mindedness out of humanity. I know what you’re thinking, maybe I’m a effing dreamer, but as John Lennon sang “you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.” It’s a very long shot what I’m shooting for, almost galaxies away, and it sound, by all means, corny in all proportions, but—

“But” I’ll end it there, because it’s one of the strongest words, and most of all, it can turn the meaning of any sentence/paragraph around.    

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