Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel...

I’ve just watched Man of Steel and it was horribly great. (Yea, I just oxymoronized it. That’s not the word but it is now.) It’s what it rotten tomatoes? 59%? Well, we are slaves to our own opinions but it’s still great for me. Because I never really appreciated superman until I watched the movie. Maybe because the ‘overly-good-boy’ persona doesn’t appeal to me that much—as Clark was depicted in recent films. But don’t get me wrong, the film isn’t that dark, it just had the realism on how an alien who 100% human-like cope in our society.

Whenever I’m watching any superhero film, my mind tends to shut off because of the expected fantastical physics in CGI. But, man, the writers put some scientific terms than made me feel I’m smart! I love how they substitute the crystals of Krypton (Kryptonite) with the plain and simple atmospheric and gravitational calibrations of Krypton. If turning a planet earth-like (terraforming) Zod literally Crptoformed earth. It’s with gravity and all the science references I enjoy greatly.

The writers also gave some sense on why do supes dress like that. They turned supes costume to traditional attire from Krypton. It would’ve been cooler if Clark have a full armor with the ‘S’
My only complaint on the whole film is the first thirty minutes. It’s too choppy for my taste. But when it started to get boring, it wallops your face in the most good of ways. I guess those who rated it on Rotten Tomatoes is a hard core lovers of the first films. But one has to admit that we’re already in the digital generation, all of the movies in the 80’s will be rebooted one way or the other, and there will be massive changes.

Overall, Man of Steel is great. Because 10 minutes after the start, my bladder reached its limit, but I sat there, by God, I sat there and used all my will power to keep that urine up! That’s how much I liked Man of Steel. Of course, this, my good friend, is only my opinion and I won’t argue if you didn’t like it unlike those people on IMDB boards (seriously, people in there are crazier than yours truly… I should go back there.)        

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