Sunday, June 9, 2013

5,000 Words per Day

The most number of words I’d written is 5.5K. It was a good day and I got a lot of sleep, but in common days I could only do 4K. I wrote the first part of my book 3 in just two weeks and that’s 4K to 8K per chapter. Now I’m not saying it’s already perfect, I’m saying it’s the first draft where some of the tenses are wrong and there are unspeakable sins in grammar and word-play.  You’ll laugh at it, you’ll burn it if you’re a grammar-nazi… it’s just plain unacceptable!

The thing in being a new serious writer is that one should be a draft-mule. Work on drafts and sore your ass on that seat, numb your fingers and blur your eyes in the hours of looking at that screen. And the last thing is write fast. You could only achieve this by kill your internet and locking yourself in a prison—okay, that’s a little extreme, so maybe your… room? Be in a complete silence, or, if you prefer, have a music that can stimulate your brain. Don’t look at the word count of you Word goddamit, just think of the thoughts you’re magically transforming into digital ink. It is in a way, magic.

It would hard at first but, man, once you get going you already have a thousand words in less an hour. It’s not impossible as long as you stay away from all distractions and you’re willing to stay focus… (Did I just say man?)  

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