Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book 2: Solace of Truths (Update)

All that remains for the book 2’s completion is the last light editing, the chapter artworks and the cover. I say a chapter per day, same goes for the chapter artworks. SOoooo approximately that will be another month just to be sure.

Right now in this world I’m the only one who is anticipating this. This makes me think about the future. Will there be a being or beings other than me who will give an importance of my stories? Will keep writing even there’ll be no such beings like that (knock on wood)? Will I ever get a stunning review or the other way around that would probably get me into a whole month of depression?

The thing is, no one knows the future, and also, no one has the right to shamelessly imply that he or she would be a great success in this writing business.

That leaves us writers the work and the un-expecting attitude that if you follow the path of the ink and typing narratives success would be as small as a grain of wheat in a baron wasteland. But hope, lower your expectations, work… but hope.

Look at madam Rowling, look at her life. She started with an idea while she was riding a train, back then her flat was small and a single mother. Now her books are the childhood of every people in their 20’s (by the year 2013), given that they love reading books. She didn’t know what happened to her would happen when he thought about that idea in the train.

I’m saying that I should not expect as a writer, I should not expect of fame and riches to be flashed around, I should not expect of recognition… but I should hope with only this: to be read.  

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