Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Almost Sex Scenes

I write it. I admit. But I still want to be a juvenile kind of writer—just a heads up, The Last Disceptarix don’t have… oh… never mind. No one put anything to anyone except a sword or any metallic object that could impale and kill, that’s it.

But every YA author I think is walking on thin ice here. I know the concept of sex isn’t that unknown to our teenagers unlike in the past generations of our world, but 'flooding' the book with almost sex scenes or sex scenes that has been cut is where I draw the line. I guess it’s fine if there’s one or two, given that they have more only lyrical explanation rather than overly descriptive kind of a way.

You know, (nodding*) the lyrical kind. You want an example? (Shaking my head with a frown*) Please no, don’t do this to me…

And they kissed, every inch of their body seemed to merge in delight and acceptance. They don’t care if it hurts, if it bruised their lips, they just want each other, here and now in no other way.  But what does this gave Michael? Satisfaction, Lust, Victory? No, none of that… only solace; a solace that in every moment he’d suffered, in every blood that had been dripped, in every tear he’d shed… he was here, being welcomed, being more than it was. I was simply love… that juvenile word. And thorough the night, Michael gave that word, expressed it until the daylight would come and until the moment of their death after the clock struck eight.     

(You asked me to do it! No? Really? [shrugs*] oh well...) It’s not my best, and this isn’t from any of my stories mind you. This is my example of a sex scene, in YA, that is for teens, who is quite intellectual, and yes, mature in some ways but still needs to be guided to the path of intellectual and wise life. If I really have no choice in doing that particular scene (because my characters sometimes have their own minds) then I would do it with soul; I will give the reader the feeling of love and I will try my best to make them cry because I believe that sex in YA should not be in random, I believe two characters should first undergo a thousand dilemmas before ever meeting again so their “sex” would be put in poetic terms effectively and be worthwhile.  Anyway, I think there are obviously obvious genres for overly vivid description for sex, but I’m writing YA. If there’s an uncomfortable scene it would be done with carefulness—well except when I’m describing gore or any horrific ghastly occurrence; I just love doing it, no wonder the great Stephen King loves horror, eh?  

What I write in my stories is only the almost sex scenes, and there’s a thriller part there so one would easily know where my protagonists end up in the end of the scene. I would let 15 and above read my book—like I said it’s slightly juvenile but it’s also dark and has guts and all the red inside the body! (Smiles impishly while rubbing my hands together*)   

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