Saturday, June 22, 2013

You're a Writer When...

You’re a writer when:
  1. Your ophthalmologist advised you to have glasses.
  2. You drink three cups of coffee per day.
  3. You’re an expert/scientist in brewing your own coffee.
  4. Nobody cares about what you’re writing.
  5. You have been both a night-owl and an early-bird.
  6. You have a ton of beautifully made notebooks, and all of them empty.
  7. You’re slightly cynical.
  8. You don’t care if its hardbound or paper back as long it has words.
  9. You got rejected by agents a thousand times.
  10. You have more than three colors of pens.
  11. You think a bookstore is heaven.
  12. You know maybe the smell of books might harm your lungs but you sniff them anyway.
  13. You procrastinate when you should be writing.
  14. You think you’re a genius but never really saying it out loud.
  15. Your social life is mostly done through the internet.
  16. There’s a food next to your computer.
  17. You have an ereader.
  18. You watched “Finding Forester” and any other movies that have writers in the story.
  19. You have a book of what to name a baby.
  20. Your fingers had been numbed.
  21. You archive your work in all possible form.
  22. Your friends think you’re weird.
  23. Depression is normal thing.   
  24. You have index cards that when stacked together it’s half your height.
  25. You finish one to three books per week.
  26. You almost had a carpal tunnel.  

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