Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dilemmas in my Amazon Distributor

(Warning: this is a rant about some glitches in KDP I just discovered moments ago…)

*Rant… begin*

So I changed the title of my book (from Divine Wheel to the Last Disceptarix) because it sucks, that means I changed everything superficial, meaning the cover and the actual file of the book—I checked the changes using the online previewer and it was there, it fine. Now, I always look at the “look inside” of my book and there should be a welcoming page with the title, but there was none. I let it slide, thinking it’s just a glitch. It’s in my free promotion since 18th this month, and only now I when I chose to download it I discovered that the actual file was still the very first file I uploaded months ago! I’m so furious right now I wish I had been 
radiated with hulk’s gamma rays in the past!

I clicked the ‘unpublish’ button and republish the whole thing… good thing there’s no reviews yet. My blood pressure is rising...

Well, I just want to share. Don’t worry, I’m breathing slightly slow now.

This basically have ramifications in my free promotion, but never fret, once the updated book has been publish I'll do the promotion all over again.  

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