Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Free!... Again: The Details of What Happened and Won't Happen Again

Let me tell you what happened in detail.

There is a mystery here, and everybody loves a bit of mystery, but me, not that much. This is a tale of why the free promotion (my free promotion) messed up in a quite spectacular manner. This is the mystery of minor glitches that would send you in a major, cataclysmic event. (Yes, I’m over exaggerating, but admit it, there’s wisdom on what I just typed/said.)  

Act 1: months ago I gave my book (the Divine Wheel) to the world for free in a limited time (five days). I was fine with it, because this is a move to be seen ahead. This is basic knowledge, all the unknown artists did this first, so you should know the free promotion is an act of would be well or wouldn’t be well played gamble. I’ll be honest here, and sincerity is my play today. If you’re not a writer or this isn’t that of a big thing but if you’re like me, this is a big thing. I waited for the downloads, there were few but its rising and I even reached the top twenty. This is an ordinary happening in the KDP/Amazon world so it’s not that much bigger of a deal—but the only good thing about it was the exposure.

Act 2: I changed the name to “The Last Disceptarix.” I’m taking a risk here because the few who downloaded it would be confused and the new title had a new unknown word to it. But the Divine Wheel wasn’t really speaking to me as I said in my earlier posts. So I took the risk. I changed things needed to be changed in the book such as the opening page, leading us to a new file upload.  

Act 3: (1) After months, I reached the end of KDP program and in my renewal I was given another option for a five days free promotion, and so what I did was, or more correctly, repeated, was the Act 1. (2)The revelation. I downloaded my ebook and found out that the file, the original file, where the title is still “The Divine Wheel” hasn’t changed at all—it had been never updated. I immediately unpublished it and then I publish and resurrected it through its new form, the right from, the updated form…   

And so what is the moral of the story? For a writer like me, I suggest send yourself a sample form of your book every now and them just to check if it’s been updated in the first place. Now, I’m at all over again, I did a countdown on twitter but in the end it didn’t meet with its end.    

So I’m here, again, now the glitches have been neutralized and the book is free once more. Here’s the new link, enjoy: Trinity Nexus book 1, The Last Disceptarix

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