Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Days of Book Giveaway! (The Last Disceptarix)

My fingertips are numb in editing the last chapters of book 2. They’re even pins and needles!

Anyway, I’m planning to do a book giveaway for five days staring about June 16, 2013 or the middle of that date. My sales are cobwebs that’s why I’m doing this. But really, why is it my sales are cobwebs? I don’t know but I can assume something, right? And I, my friend, assumed three things:

[One] Is the change of the title – From “The Divine Wheel” (which is too glorious with the holy word,) to “The Last Disceptarix” (which is cool but the word Disceptarix is pretty much alien to everybody else) I noticed a decline of sales until it magically turned to nada. It was seriously depressing at first but like what Walter Disney said (at least the end quote I found after the ending credits of Meet the Robinsons): Keep moving forward.

[Two] I don’t advertise – that is a given fact. I’m too lazy to do it.

[Three] Not focusing in my other books. Yes, yeeess, I have other work in progress titles. Want me to enumerate them? Anyway this is my blog so I shall enumerate them with all of my beating heart! (you can skip this if you want):
  1. Heavenly Bounds (a companion book/novella to The Last Disceptarix. It’s the story of a teacher named James and his friendship with a man named Serafine.)
  2. Diaries (a story about immortality and what it would look like in my own perspective)
  3. The Jabbering of Old men (my first fiction that doesn't deal with any kind of fantasy)
  4. In Love and Death (a companion book/novella to Solace of Truths.)
  5. Inconclusive anomalies (Sci-Fi love story.)        

These three are just my assumptions, nothing more. We can only assume in this writing business but we really don’t know anything about what people/readers want (Although I know everybody want a love concept to touch in any chapter of the book they’re reading.)

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