Friday, April 19, 2013

Things I Recommend When One is about to Write

My friend, my invisible friend beyond the screen, I have a thought that I hope would help you in writing. It’s not that complex but I assure you you would write 3k words per day (what I mean by day is a day when you’re having a rest from your job). Now, If your reading this, I have t rephrase what I just have written—I can’t assure you, because writing that long in a single day would up to you.
Here are the steps that I commonly do (and I hope they’re universal by any means.):
  1. Watch TV
  2. Play an app (an app that deals with killing monsters and all kind of nasties)
  3. Overdose of caffeine
  4. Eat banana
  5. Close your door
  6. Destroy all distractions: Phone, TV, internet, your cat… (no, don’t destroy them, just turn them off—I actually destroyed a phone once… hmm… yea…)
  7. Write. I don’t care what you’re writing or how daunting this task to you but write, and by angels in the clouds write fast. Just write fast, let the words fly out to your subconscious, let your mind be in a trance and keep your stare only at the blank sheet of paper, not in the word count, not in the time, not in anything.

Yes, I’m serious about everything including the banana, why? Banana is a natural resource of energy. Don’t cannibalize your body with energy drinks because the chemicals in them would take each of your cell’s reserved energy sources. It will drain you out in the worst possible way.  
If you do all of this, time itself would slow down when you’re writing. It would be like dreaming with the use of your fingertips and very comfortable keyboard. That, my friend beyond the screen, is what happens to me every time I write. Have you watched inception? Yes writing is like that; a dream inside a dream whereas time moves in a very slow pace. 

Now here's Cloud Atlas Sextet for your ears (Sorry, this is just one of those random messes my mind births out every second. Just want you to hear it.)

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