Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Cover and Iron Man 3

There’s something bothering me lately, and it’s not the expired bread I ate the other day. It’s about brilliant colors donned by nonsensical things. I noticed that people like, well, flashy things, even that under those flashy things are a stupid meaning that makes you scratch your head from temporal to occipital.

This post, as you can feel, would be a rant; a rant about movies and the eye candies alike.

Let’s start with movies, and I promise you I’ll try to be diplomatic about this.

Have you seen the Iron Man 3? I bet you did, who haven’t? It has all the great action scenes and Tony have a freaking robo-suit every grownup man loves to have. It’s a blockbuster hit, I know but I have a big problem about it.

After the movie and as I was walking with my mind still wrapped around the movie, I told myself: “God, I never expected that to happen.” And it meant in all the bad ways you could possibly imagine. The director, well, mass produced the film to suit for the general audience. The villain became a big joke and the story fell flat in a very cool and fashionable way.

So what am I saying here?

I’m saying that the movie didn’t stay true to the fans of Iron man since the very beginning. The writer of it I think became lazy and uninspired to bring justice to every character in the lore. If you look closely, now not at the movie but the viewers, one could see the psyche the general population has about the “inner beauty” concept.

A book is always judge by the cover, no more no less. In the trailers of the Iron man 3, there have been lines the Mandarin said: “Do you want an empty life or a meaningful death?” nothing like that escaped his lips during the movie. The advertisers or whoever in charge in the promotion of the film made a false take of the content of the film.

Sad really, very sad indeed.

The inner beauty is really hard to find. One can look at the advertisers and one can see what I mean. I guess let’s add the big time publishing houses (just because I’m in the book business). They do everything in advertising to present their newfound great book of the century, but they follow trends. No not follow trends but create the trends. They control everything that makes an indie author that have a beautiful book obsolete for the readers.

It’s like the movies. Say the “Godfather”, the film company treated it like a piece of trash until it became a huge hit. Same story for “Rocky” and other films that had passion from their creative crew. Today most of us (including me) like all the shiny things and explosive CGI, shaky cameras and shouting on the screen—those are the films that hit the box office… shiny. I’m not saying all CGI movies are only filled with air because there is a slightly recant movie that I like that’s full of CGI and its District 9 (great underrated film by the way,) I’m saying the writers of those big budget films should have a spine for art and not just the money. But we have to admit it sooner or later that it’s always about the money, am I right or am I right?

And so how about the art?

They’re everywhere. Good films, good books, good art… It’s up to people to find them, to not to judge the book by its cover and go through the meaning embedded in any art.          

(P.S: out of the topic but i just want to say I very much like San Cisco. Here's one of their song:)

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