Monday, May 13, 2013

A Change in Perspective

I thought a lot about this because I’m getting the feeling that my original title “The Divine Wheel” was sending a wrong impression on my book. It’s too (like I said before) holy and its contents do not practically swerve to that point. It’s like any YA to adult fantasy novel. It has almost-sex scenes and other element that make YA a YA.

It is now called “The Last Disceptarix.” It has been my strongest title this mind of mine could think off, the only problem to it as to why I didn’t chose it was because of the word Disceptarix. Who knows Disceptarix? Do you know Disceptarix? I bet not! That’s why I had been thinking twice.

But now that’s the title of the first book of Trinity Nexus.

Here's the edited cover:

The sales are down. And I won’t whine because it’s my only book posted on amazon. The second book would be I think two month from now. It’s the prequel to my ever so awesome book (<give me a slack an let me think my book is awesome) entitled “Solace of Truths.”

Got a nice ring to it, huh?

Anyway, I need to sleep now. I had a long day and my grammatical skills are on it’s lowest so sorry for the typos and the whatnot if there’s any. Sigh*

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