Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beyond Human

Let’s talk about “civilization types”. Now what is this “civilization type”? There are four actually, now before anything else I will ask for your forgiveness if there are some grammatical errors in this post; it is because the time I am writing this. It’s quite rather late so my mind by this slice of time is in a haze.

Now, where was I?

Ah, the civilization types. There are four and this was categorized by a Russian Astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev:
Type 1: those harvest planetary power.
Type 2: those that can harvest the sheer power of the sun.
Type 3: those who can utilize the power of an entire galaxy.

Why am I discussing this to you? I presume you are wondering why such a writer like me ever take interest in these kind of things. Well, because in this kind of thing I find wisdom. Sir, or madam, we are Type 0. But there is a good news, we are going to type 1.

Here’s Professor Kaku to explain it clearly:

I like what he’s been saying in all honesty. Type 1 and all of the ascending civilizations are open-minded. Us? Well I think there are many but the opposite is likewise.


For me that is the right word, the divisions of religions and cultural narcissism and other things that is narcissistic in essence. At once glance on could see who these people are. But there are also wise people, those who are diplomatic, and they are in every culture too. There are the ones who accept change, the ones who accepted the earth is round and the sun is the center of the galaxy and not the earth. For those who oppose them they do no hate or harm, they just agree to disagree in different views.

Essential narcissism don’t just agree to disagree and keep the peace, they push what they believe even they know it isn’t right or don’t have a proof on what they are believing in. We could do anything about really because once you attempt to imply your own views, (only imply, not sear to their brains) they will turn calmly manic and attack you in hurtful terms and pseudo-intellectual discussions.

Anyway, why am I saying this? I don’t know really, maybe because I see many close minded people day by day. I’m a writer, we conveniently observe people: their gestures, the expression of their faces, how they act if they see something unconventional for their taste. Of course we also hear discussions, prying (I won’t sugarcoat what really I’m saying) eavesdropping. It’s actually refreshing every time you do it.

Now how to end this post? I have nothing in my mind now really, I guess the lack of sleep is taking its toll… so I’ll just be simple.


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