Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Branching out of Amazon

Not getting out, Amazon is still the main site for me. But recently, I have more sales outside Amazon and they only have about two titles that aren’t free. Amazon, I must say, isn’t giving me much love nowadays. It could be because of the summer slump we actually experience every year (which I hate, I think all authors hate). But yes, I’ll be branching out once KDP select agreements on my books are done. I like to see what these other sites would offer me.
What I’ve heard from some of the experts in self publishing is that one needs to value publishing in different online books stores for the exposure. Because apparently, exposure is gold. So I’ll be experimenting on this if it’s true, and I hope it’s true.

Also, I’ll be putting out the prologue of my book one of these days, a teaser of some sort.   

I'll be changing The Bounds cover, it looks like erotica (-_-).

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